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Codegarden 2021 Speaker

Julia Pottinger

Who am I and what do I do for a living?

My name is Julia Pottinger and I am a Training and Development Manager at QualityWorks Consulting Group

Where can you find me on the internet?


Twitter: @ailuj876


Question time! 

Have you attended Codegarden before?
No. I am looking forward to learning more about Umbraco and connecting with the persons that will be attending.

How did you first hear about Codegarden?

I was checking out sessonize and I saw it and thought it was interesting. I then checked out the socials and saw that its should be a pretty good conf.

What made you apply to be a speaker at Codegarden?

I liked the range of topics. And I thought it would be good to share my experience as a tester.

Name of your Codegarden talk?

Roadmap to becoming an Impactful QA Engineer

It will be on STAGE 1 on Friday 11th June at 13.45 — 30 min

A brief description of your talk, why should people come and watch your talk?

When I started doing QA I wasn't sure of all that it entails and everything that I would need to know to be impactful. I have put together a roadmap that will help you to gather the skills and techniques that you will need to become an impactful QA Engineer. I will also share two amazing Jamaican proverbs that you don't want to miss. 🙂

What do you enjoy doing in your space time? (Hobbies, time with the family etc)

I love the beach and Jamaica has the most beautiful beaches and seafood. I love spending time with friends and family to relax and maintain that work-life balance.

What was the last book you read?

I am rereading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I am now in a different space where I am seeing the lessons that the book mentions differently especially those around financial literacy.

What was the last song / album you listened to?

I love CORNER by Masicka and Tarrus Riley. Support Systems are amazing.


Published on: 08 June 2021